Cancellations and Changes

How can I cancel or change my reservation on Golden Booking?

You can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please remember to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making any changes to your booking. Non-refundable rooms and other special deals can have a different cancellation policy. Room-specific cancellation information is included beside the room type under the ‘conditions.

Can I cancel or change a 'special offer deal' or a 'non-refundable' booking?

It is not possible to change the dates for ‘special deals’ and ‘non-refundable’ bookings because of their special low rates. If you choose to cancel reservations for these rooms, you may incur charges according to the accommodation’s policy.

How do I know that my booking has been cancelled?

Once you have cancelled your reservation you should receive an email confirming the cancellation. Please check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders. If you don’t receive an email please contact us and we will gladly assist you.