The city of Makkah carries the holiest place in the hearts of pilgrims with its powerful aura. The believers visit Makkah regularly to perform pilgrimage as it is the epitome of their culture and spirituality. The Holy Kaaba, the most well-known site on Earth, is situated in Makkah. Muslims pray there five times a day while facing the Kaaba as their primary place of worship. Mecca, a mountain hamlet in the high desert plateau of western Arabia, is where Muhammad was born in the year 570. Because of it’s cultural significance, tourists can explore the historical places in Makkah which are related to Prophet Muhammad himself.
Historical Places in Makkah

Prophet Ibrahim's period can be used to trace the origins of Makkah. The believers consider the opportunity to visit this place as the ultimate blessing of the Almighty Himself. One of the five pillars of the faith is the yearly Hajj pilgrimage to the city, although the shorter Umrah pilgrimage is also performed by millions of people every year. But if you have time to spare after completing Umrah, the ancient city has a lot to offer to enhance your knowledge of the area and the faith itself, including museums and historical places in Makkah, mentioned below, that served as the backdrop to some of the most important events in Islam's early history.

    Masjid-Al Haram
    Jannat Al Mualla (Al Muallaa Cemetery)
    Mount Arafat (Hajj)
    Masjid Al-Taneem (Masjid e Aisha)
    Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah (Birthplace of Muhammad)
    Masjid Nimrah
    Masjid Al-Hudaibiyah
    The Cave of Hira (Jabal Al-Hira)

1. Masjid-Al Haram (Kaaba)
Masjid-Al Haram

The Greater Mosque of Makkah or Al- Masjid-Al Haram, also known as the holy Mosque or Haram Mosque is the holiest shrine in Islam. Masjid-Al Haram is the main attraction in the city for visitors. The massive Grand Mosque, which can hold up to 4 million worshippers, lies at the center of Makkah. The Kaaba, a cube covered in black silk with gold calligraphy in the middle is the center of belief. The pilgrims offer their prayers to God, facing the holy Kaaba. It is one of the holiest places to visit in Makkah during Umrah for Muslims. A key rite performed at this pilgrimage is circumambulating the Kaaba, one of the most spiritual things to do during Umrah.